How to determine your Ideal Client Avatar

“Story Selling” for Organic Marketing

The most common limiting beliefs we see with our clients and students and how these limiting beliefs can hinder the financial success and growth of your business.

The top areas that we see coaches struggling with their online business.

How EmpowerU Business Academy helps you to overcome these challenges and thrive.



You’ll learn the exact questions to ask yourself and answer in order to dial in your Ideal Client Avatar.

After training “general population” and EVERYONE for years, what most fitness professionals don’t realize is that they DO actually have a favorite type of client who is your specialty, YOUR NICHE. 

We will help you to discover WHO exactly is this favorite type of client, i.e. your Ideal Client Avatar.


With “Story Selling” you will learn how to develop an
organic marketing strategy and 30 days of content from your own personal journey to connect with your audience!

No Facebook ads.

No “paid for” leads.

Learn how to create content that converts to sales,
 ORGANICALLY, by attracting your ideal client to you AND by helping your ideal client to Know, Like, and TRUST you so that they want to buy your products, programs, and services.

+ An Inside Look Into EmpowerU Business Academy (ooooo!)

PLUS, we’ll show you an inside look into the Online Business ESSENTIALS that we teach inside the EmpowerU Business Academy.

When: Tuesday, 2/23 @ 2PM PST

Where: Zoom! We'll send you a link!

How: Just show up with pen & paper ready to learn!


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Meet Your Hosts

Artemis Scantalides

NASM-CPT, StrongFirst Team Leader, Elite Instructor, & “Iron Maiden”, CK-FMS, DVRT I, Pn1

Artemis is a former ballet dancer turned Kung Fu black belt, and the ninth woman in the world,

and the lightest and smallest to date, to complete The Iron Maiden Challenge (a 24kg - 53lbs Pull-up, Pistol Squat, and Strict Military Press). Artemis ventured into powerlifting in 2015, after she completed the Iron Maiden Challenge and after deadlifting 300lbs at her first powerlifting meet, with a current 1 rep max of 315lbs, she has her eyes on a three times bodyweight deadlift as her next big strength goal.

In 2011, Artemis' love for kettlebells and strength training drove her to open her own hardstyle kettlebell and training gym in Boston, Massachusetts, Iron Body Studios, with her husband, fellow StrongFirst Instructor and Certified Athletic Trainer, Eric Gahan.

In addition, after she completed the Iron Maiden Challenge in 2014, Artemis created her own women’s strength workshop, I Am Not Afraid To Lift®, with the mission to educate women about the importance of strength training, about how to strength train properly, and to help them to feel empowered through strength training. Artemis believes that the self-efficacy and confidence that you build in the weight room carries over into all areas of life and over the past 5 years, she has taught dozens of her Lift® workshop to hundreds of women, both nationally and internationally.

Artemis and her husband closed Iron Body Studios in 2016 and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada so that her husband could accept a Head Therapist position with Cirque du Soleil.

Shortly after arriving in Vegas, Artemis also accepted a position with Cirque du Soleil to work as a Performance Conditioning Specialist in support of their Las Vegas resident show KÀ. Due to the demand of her online coaching and workshop business, Artemis stepped down from her position as the dedicated strength and conditioning coach for KÀ because she could no longer handle the demands of her online business along with her responsibilities at Cirque du Soleil. 

After leaving Cirque du Soleil, Artemis solely dedicated herself 100% to her online coaching and workshop business. Within a short 10 months she grew her online business from less than $30k to over $100k.

Then after Eric left Cirque to join Artemis run the online business, together, in 12 months, they grew the business to multiple 6-figures!”

After 18 total years (12 years full-time and 9 years online) in the Fitness Industry building multiple successful businesses from a flourishing business in a commercial gym setting, to owning and operating her own fitness facility and an internationally successful women’s strength workshop, and a lucrative MULTIPLE 6-figure online business, now Artemis coaches Fitness Professionals, through 1:1 Business Coaching and Mentorship programs, how to transition online and/or build their online coaching businesses to $100k and beyond.

Eric Gahan


20 Years of Experience Leadership, Mentorship, Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning, and Nutrition.

Co-Owner of EmpowerU Online Coaching, Host EmpowerU Radio Show, Founder and Owner of, Co-Owner, Co-Founder: Iron Body Training Systems, Co-Owner, Co-Founder: Iron Body Studios, Former Head Therapist & Head Athletic Trainer with Cirque du Soleil, Former Senior Athletic Trainer at Ole Miss and Boston University, Former Assistant Athletic Trainer at St Bonaventure University

Eric has worked with professional athletes at the tier 1 colleges, like University of Kentucky, St. Bonaventure and Ole Miss. And was a Head Therapist / Head Athletic Trainer with Cirque du Soleil.

And he knows a thing or two about building a business, too…

In 2016, Eric helped build Iron Body Studios, a top 10 gym in America. More recently focusing this expertise on online training, fitness, healthcare provider mentorships, and empowering fellow business owners to teach and profit from launching mentorships and workshops.

Eric also specializes in guidance with building your business website, landing pages and launching a successful podcast.  

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