A 12-Week aligned business coaching program for wellness entrepreneurs who want to 2-5x their monthly revenue by taking their business online, crushing their limiting beliefs, maximizing their technical operations, and selling on social.

A 12-Week aligned business coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to 2-5x their monthly revenue by taking their business online, crushing their limiting beliefs, maximizing their technical operations, and selling on social.


Manifest with us...

You wake up on a Tuesday morning. It’s a work day, and you are PUMPED to spend your work hours in your home office serving the incredible roster of aligned clients waiting for you.


You don’t have to spend time chasing down payments or responding to scheduling and rescheduling requests

You and your clients are committed to one another for the next 3-6 months.


Their invoices are on a recurring


Their schedules are set because they meet with you on the same day at the same time at a regular schedule.


Deep breath.


As you climb out of bed, patting yourself on the back for the empowered online business badass you have become, you start your day on your own terms.

Maybe you spend some time meditating and journaling your intentions for the day.


Maybe you jump into a workout or a nice long walk.


Maybe you hang out with your kids or pets, giving them all the present, focused attention you all deserve.

Once you have met all your own needs, you get dressed for the day in an outfit that feels comfortable and functional for you.


(Athleisure wear is the official work-from-home uniform, but do your thing! Velvet track suit, perhaps?)

You set into your work day, which may include blocked-out time for meetings, client service, marketing, and admin.

You spend the day doing all the things that keep you in flow as a business owner.

You get game-changing results for your clients.

You are collecting WINS like candy thrown off a parade float!

You close up your laptop at 5 (or 4, or 7-- whatever time you have set for YOURSELF) with the peace of mind of knowing your bills are paid, your client load is steady, and your business is growing.

You spend your evening eating a delicious meal, and engaging in an activity that fills you up.

Time with your partner, meeting a friend for drinks, going for a walk with your pup, writing, drawing, creating… whatever.
Because you’ve built the kind of life that allows you to serve your highest self.

And it all started with your business.

“When you show up for yourself you can show up for the world more completely.”
- Gabby Bernstein


And it’s not just while you’re sleeping.

We teach you how to make money to fuel your life, business, and dreams while you are at the grocery store, in the shower, hanging with your people, and even on vacation.


We paid for our 2019 Hawaii vacation while we were on it.

We launched a DIY course right before we left for vacation.

We were making sales on the beach, while we were snorkeling, and while we were having sunset happy hour.

We were getting PAID to be on vacation

The funny thing is that we actually ENJOYED marketing this program while we were on vacation.

We were doing less, attracting more, and having fun along the way.

Every time we checked the sales it was like a game: 

OMG! The pre-sale list maxed out on pre-sale day!”

LOOK! We sold 10 more!” 

*while hiking to the beach* “5 more!”

If I put my business down and take a vacation, it will all fall apart.

If I set my business up to run while I’m on vacation, I will enjoy my life, invite abundance, and appreciate everything my business does for me.


Have you been spinning your wheels in your online business trying to:

Generate reliable income?

Consistently hit $3K-$5K months and grow to $8K-10K months?

Generate leads?

Convert leads to sales?

Figure out what products and programs to offer?

Figure out when to launch those offers?

Execute game-changing product and program launches?

Have an annual launch plan structure that solidifies consistent income?

Get organized with finances and confidently predict your weekly/monthly/quarterly revenue and expenses?

Have structure and organization for your business?

"Getting rich is not about working harder. It’s about working LESS because you are making SMARTER CHOICES." ~Jen Sincero

You are totally in the right place.

We’ve got your back.

Online entrepreneurs are not overnight sensations.

You’re not supposed to know how to do it all on Day 1.

Do you think anyone who walks into their first day on the job at Starbucks knows how to operate a high-volume Italian espresso machine?

No! And no one expects them to!

To run a successful online business, you need training-- just like any other job.

You need the knowledge, guidance, and know-how from experienced entrepreneurs to elevate you into your dream role in your dream business.

Stop trading time for money and start getting paid for the results you deliver.

You know your 1:1 clients get incredible results.

You develop intimate relationships with them. You can get down into the meat of their problem and solve it.

The value of your expertise in a 1:1 session is worth more than whatever hourly wage you have sorted out for yourself.

Your 1:1 offer is the offer that costs you the most, because in it, you are trading time for money.

We want to limit trading time for money as much as possible and create an exclusive VIP experience around your 1:1 offer.
So what happens if you are on a sales call and the prospective client is not prepared for the 1:1 investment?
Do you lose the client?
Or can you direct them to a B offer? Or even a C offer?
One of the main strategies we teach you in EmpowerU Business Academy is how to create group and evergreen self-study containers that allow your prospects to work with you at different levels of investment.
Your group coaching call, self-study guide, and Facebook groups are amazing ways to connect with a higher volume of clients at a lower investment of your time.


We’ll teach you how to teach it once live and sell it forever!

We’ll teach you “launching without launching” sales strategies that don’t even require sales calls.
These offers get you more “YES” and MAKE THE MONIES for your business.

This is how you make money while you’re sleeping.

Online entrepreneurs are blessed and cursed by the fact that our businesses live in our pockets.
The blessing: You can work from anywhere and be super accessible.
The curse: You work from everywhere and you are super accessible.
It becomes terrifying for you to take a longer, REAL vacation.
You fear you will lose all your clients, business, and money.
So you settle for a long weekend and convince yourself that it’s enough.

We did this.

We had major fears around putting our business down, asking for help, and creating lower-touch offers.

And we burned out hard.


We learned the hard way so you don’t have to.


Are you waiting for people to come to you?

In EmpowerU Business Academy, we teach the Law of Attraction.

It’s part of the 50% of our teaching method that covers spiritual strategy.

We also teach marketing.


It’s part of the 50% of our teaching method that covers practical business principles.


We strongly believe, and have proven, that when your business is aligned with your highest self, you can manifest your dream life and business.

Here’s the thing: 


You can’t just decide you want a full client roster and then sit on the couch and hope it happens.

You also have to take ACTION.

And the WAY you put yourself out there can be TOTALLY aligned with your values.

Don’t feel like dancing in a perfectly curated outfit and backdrop on TikTok?

You don’t have to.

Don’t feel like writing blog-length captions on Instagram?

You don’t have to.

There is no ONE platform you HAVE to show up on.
There is no ONE perfect way to market your business.


You have to market your business.
You do have to show up for yourself to attract the life you are manifesting.
You have to work WITH the universe.
You can’t sit on something that could help someone and change their life.⠀
The world needs what you are afraid to release. ⠀
Do you feel “too salesy” when you mention your offers on your social media?
Do you have a bad taste in your mouth about promotion because of the way you’ve seen it done online?
Do you feel inappropriate “tooting your own horn?”

You are SO not alone.

All of these concerns are textbook limiting beliefs when it comes to money mindset.
Facing and healing your money mindset is a huge part of the work you will do as a student in EmpowerU Business Academy.
If you have energetic blocks around inviting wealth and abundance into your business, wealth and abundance will not show up in your business.
If you don’t tell people how to work with you, you won’t attract the aligned clients you are seeking.

We Promise.



You’ve paid your bills.



You had to work yourself to the bone to get there.
You’ve had anxiety most months about meeting your targets.
You’re not sure how much you should charge for your services.

Is it enough? Is it too much?

Do you think people will undervalue your service if it’s priced too low?
Do you think people will be scared if you charge what you’re worth? 


You’re getting by.




You’re struggling to get new leads.
You’re clawing to keep your existing clients on board.
You’re spending every ounce of your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy trying to make your business work. 
Your clients pay-as-they-go with single sessions, transfer you money via Venmo, or offer you service-swaps in lieu of MONEY.



If you have:

A million different service offerings

 An a-la-carte menu

► Services customized for the client instead of what is best for your business

► No idea what to actually invest your energy in

You just might be operating your business like The Cheesecake Factory.

You’re weaving in and out of your sales script (if you even have one) trying to land on the item that will connect to each prospect.

When all they wanted was a piece of damn cheesecake.

“A healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it’s a desire for LIFE!”

You’ve been winging it on your own with your online business for a little while now. 

You’ve read a book or two and 1 million Instagram posts about entrepreneurship, but you’re LOST when it comes to:

 Email marketing

Social media

Marketing funnels

A service delivery platform

► How to scale your business away from 1:1 offers




► Living on 1:1 calls to pay the bills?

Interacting with the same people every day on Instagram?

► Unsure of what the different stages of your marketing funnel should be?

► Confused AF on how to deliver your services without being in-person?

We’ll teach you how to teach it live ONCE and sell it forever!

Remember that whole “making money in your sleep” situation we talked about?

The traditional business name for this is “passive income.”

Passive income is reliable cash that flows into your business without costing you any additional time, energy, or money.


In EmpowerU Business Academy, we teach you how to create digital courses and DIYs that are available for purchase 365 days a year.


And beyond creating evergreen products, we teach you one of the secrets of the millionaire mind:

How to plant the seeds of your income to grow into a garden of passive income wealth.

We’ll teach you how to set up a “golden goose” account that lays golden eggs of passive income all year long without you trading any more TIME FOR MONEY.

"Success is good at any age, but the sooner you find it, the longer you will enjoy it."
- Napoleon Hill

Get clear on your offers.

What do YOU do best?

Which of your services feels most ALIGNED for you?

Which of your offers gives you the highest ROI?

(Hint: It’s ideal if you have the same answer to all 3 of those questions.) 

Say it with me: My work is of high service and worthy of massive compensation.”
- Amanda Frances





  • Write compelling, conscious marketing copy 
  • Have clean, funnel-fed sales pages
  • Nurture your email list rather than sending a monthly newsletter
  • Learn how to sell your own unique story
  • Dive deep into understanding your ideal client and what they want
  • Generate leads by leveraging email, lead magnets, sales pages, and other long-form platforms to market and sell your offers
  • Decide you are worthy of making more money
  • Present your offer, ask for the sale, and close the sale

If you are an online wellness entrepreneur who:

  • Wants to finally grow and scale your online business to $8-10K months
  • Needs clarity, efficient systems, and a proven path to make growing your business a breeze
  • Knows that there’s a better way to do business than the “grind”
  • Craves a bigger impact
  • Wants to learn how to sell without feeling “salesy”
  • Wants leads and sales to just drop into your lap while you do less, attract more, and have more fun
  • Wants to take REAL, CONFIDENT steps away from your business and take vacations instead of a 4-day long weekend
  • Wants to become a powerful, confident leader
  • Want to grow personally as your business expands

Then you need the EmpowerU Business Academy.


I know you’re a professional, but you’re back in the student seat right now.


You’re a PhD at the service you provide, but you were never taught how to run a business.


You never expected that you’d have to be a digital marketer on top of your expertise.


(It’s okay! We don’t know what we don’t know until it’s time to know it!)


Now that you’ve been pushed to take everything online, you’re feeling the overwhelm and confusion of everything you don’t know, and it’s paralyzing you.

Making money is a skill.

Making money quickly is a skill.


Running an online business is a skill.

And skills can be learned.

With the right mindset, training, and commitment, you can learn everything you need to know to strengthen the foundation of your business so you can get back to YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS.

You can set up some solid marketing and sales strategies that align with your highest self NOW.


Whether it’s marketing, sales, or life in general…



The comfort zone repels growth.

As a wellness entrepreneur and coach, you know that your clients have to experience a mindset shift to get the results that you offer.

They have to make a change in their own lives.

They have to let someone else take the lead, even if it feels uncomfortable for them at first.

If you want new results (like doubling your revenue, increasing your leads, or halving the number of hours you work), you have to open yourself up to learning something new.


EmpowerU Business Academy is the 5-Figure Mastermind that will take you from burnt-out to ON FIRE.


to master technology and social media marketing so that you can grow your online business to $100K and BEYOND.


to recession-proof your business and nail down a strategy that will generate consistent new leads and increased client retention.


to make the necessary financial and energetic investments to secure the future of your business AND your own income.

The EmpowerU Business Academy WILL:

 Bust the limiting beliefs that are keeping your revenue at $3-5K/month
► Support you, educate you, and coach you through your online business transformation
► Help you go from disorganized 1:1 service chaos to a streamlined organized stack of money-making products and programs
► Teach you the Law of Attraction (the woo-woo + practical business strategy = major results) so that you attract the right clients instead of chasing down the wrong ones
► Show you the strategies, tools, and systems your business needs to easily make more money
► Push you to reveal the parts of yourself that are keeping you stuck (we’re talking the big leagues of mindset work here)

We know that your business is your life.

You do what you love and you love what you do.

Your business has transformed you, the way you live, and your mission.

We get it. 

We want to help you align your business with your highest self so
that you don’t work yourself into burnout and resentment.

We want to help you KEEP loving your business.

EmpowerU Business Academy is looking for...

Wellness Entrepreneurs who are struggling with their online business and need systems, strategies, and tools
Fitness, Life, Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Coaches who are looking to expand their business and scale from $3K-5K months to $8K-10K months
Coaches and wellness practitioners who are considering the online space but are scared to let go of the brick and mortar model (we’re telling you-- online is where it’s AT)
Passionate people who would do their work for free, but need to learn how to ask for the sale
Anyone in the online business scene who is struggling to get clients, make consistent income, or make social media work FOR them
Hustlers, hard workers, and disciplined people who are ready to get out of their comfort zone to transform their business and level-up their lives

To run a successful online business, you need training-- just like any other job.


You need the knowledge, guidance, and know-how from experienced entrepreneurs to elevate you into your dream role in your dream business.

Show up, do the work, and you will transform your business from the inside out. 

We have been in the online business space for YEARS. 

We were on the cutting edge of online business when we started in 2013. 

We have seen it all, and we know the exact tools, systems, and behaviors you need to scale your business to $100K/year doing exactly what you love to do:

Serving your clients and making their lives better.

The EmpowerU Business Academy 12-week 5-Figure Mastermind program includes:

  • TWO expert coaches, Artemis and Eric, with 20+ years of experience building successful businesses. VALUE: $50,000

  • 12 x 2-hour group coaching calls (1x/week) dedicated to teaching the weekly course content and Q&A. VALUE: $18,000

  • A pre-program orientation kick-off call. VALUE: $2,500

  • Weekly course modules on our Kajabi platform. VALUE: $5,000

  • Access to the EBA resource library full of the tools that have helped us build a multiple 6-figure business (templates, guides, and worksheets galore!). VALUE: $5,000

  • Unlimited Private Slack support between coaching calls with THREE coaches. VALUE: $25,000

  • Expert guest coaches. VALUE: $5,000

  • Access to the EmpowerU annual 2-Day Live Event in sunny Las Vegas**! VALUE:$30,000

  • Access to the Empowered Entrepreneur weekly community call.
    VALUE: $2,500

  • Group mentorship on weekly coaching calls and in the Private Slack Group.

  • A community of support from like-minded conscious entrepreneurs

TOTAL VALUE: $143,000!

*Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM PST with 48-hour maximum response time
**Meals included. Flight, transportation, and accommodations not included. 

Proof of complete COVID Vaccination OR if not vaccinated, negative COVID test 72 hours prior.


Rave Reviews From Clients. 

I feel so focused and gained so much clarity!! I'm so glad I made the decision to get a business coach, it is what I've been needing!”

- Leah H., Business coaching client

EmpowerU Business Academy is our most popular business mentorship and spiritual strategy program and it sells out every session.

Artemis had been running her online fitness training business alongside her in-person training business and strength training job with Cirque du Soleil.
She was terrified to let go of her multiple revenue streams to focus on online training, but she was running herself ragged trying to do it all.

She set 3 goals:

1. Get 5 1:1 online training clients

2. Start to transition her business to 100% online

3. Make $100K within 12 months

Artemis filled 5 spots in less than 10 days after launching.

She achieved her goal of transitioning the business to 100% online 8 MONTHS EARLY. 


And she hit the $100K financial goal 1 MONTH EARLY

So she set the next goals: 

  • Grow the business to multiple 6-figures
  • Take what she learned, partner with her husband Eric, and pivot the business from fitness coaching to business coaching for online entrepreneurs

Within 12-weeks of launching business coaching, the business had:

  • A full client roster of 16 clients
  • Its first $25k monthup $10k from its previous highest month of $15k.

And it has only grown from there.

Together, Artemis and Eric use practical business principles and spiritual strategy to help ALL wellness entrepreneurs say NO to burnout so they can start, grow, and scale their online business.

ERIC brings his 20 years of experience as a brick-and-mortar business owner, online entrepreneur, and sought-after service provider to mentor and coach his students.

Eric has studied the books, courses, and actions of millionaires through the writing of Napoleon Hill, T. Herv Eker and Amanda Frances. 

On a daily basis, Eric works closely with online business owners through 1:1 and group coaching programs. He is hellbent on helping new entrepreneurs understand and charge their worth, boosting their businesses over and above the 6-figure mark.

Eric’s super power is helping his clients overcome imposter syndrome, rediscover their power, and build a badass business that mirrors their greatness.


After hitting a lifetime low when he stepped out of clinical practice, Eric dug deep. He did the HARD
inner subconscious and limiting beliefs work taught by Gabby Bernstein, Maxwell Maltz, and Neville Goddard.

He stopped at nothing to develop a robust inner mindset that has elevated him to unprecedented levels.

Eric now shares his strategies with new and experienced online entrepreneurs to help them discover how to truly manifest the life and business they desire.


Eric incorporates time-tested money mindset and personal growth methods to help you overcome the challenges of building a thriving online business.

After EBA, you can expect to:

 Run a business that relieves all pressure on you 

► Heal your money trauma and attract abundance

► Be financially supported 

► Have reliable strategies that make your business more predictable

► Have your time back


Really think about this and what it would mean for your life.


No more chasing individual clients and breaking your back hour by hour, like every other service provider.

Instead, you’ll be able to run a well-oiled and thriving business with specifically designed systems and offers that generate thousands in income.

No more flexing your schedule and boundaries and putting yourself last.

The best part:

Once you activate your new abundance mindset and business systems, you can lean on these tools time and again to bring in reliable cashflow with each launch.

It becomes just like flipping a switch…