EmpowerU Business Academy

with Artemis & Eric, Owners, EmpowerU Online Coaching

Are you a Strength Coach, or Fitness Professional, have an online business and are struggling to...

  • Generate consistent income?
  • Consistently hit $8k-$10k months and grow past $10k months?
  • Work ON your business because you are constantly working IN your business?
  • Want to hire help but can’t get out of the weeds task-wise and financially because you are constantly working IN your business and therefore struggle to get organized to determine a budget to hire help and figure out what tasks to delegate?
  • Go from being a Solopreneur to a CEO?
  • Generate leads?
  • Convert leads to sales?
  • Get organized with what programs to offer and when?
  • Crush launches and instead regularly have failed launches?
  • Have an annual launch plan structure that solidifies consistent income?
  • Get organized with finances and know your weekly/monthly/3-month projection of revenue and expenses?
  • Want speaking engagements and to speak at/teach live events whether in person or online but don’t know where to start?
  • Need structure and organization for your business but lack the knowledge, guidance, and know-how to make this happen?

Enrollment Opens On August 31, 2020 For The Fall Session For Our EmpowerU Business Academy!


The EmpowerU Business Academy (EBA) will help you to get out of the weeds of your business, so that you can get organized and implement structure to your business, make more money, and hire a team for support so that you can start working ON your business, instead of IN your business, so that you can make even MORE OF THE MONIES!


EBA is a 12-week online group business coaching program for experienced Fitness Professionals to help them go from Solopreneur to Entrepreneur and stop working IN their business so that they can bust through $6-8k months and not just average $10k months... BUT MAKE THE MONIES AND grow BEYOND the $10k barrier.

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There are ONLY 15 Spots Available for the EmpowerU Business Academy and not all who apply are admitted into the program.

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