Helping Experienced Fitness Professionals Get Out Of The Weeds Of Their Online Business,

So That They Can Get UNSTUCK,

And Start Working ON Their Business,

Instead Of IN Their Business 


A 12-Week Online Group Business Coaching Program for Experienced Fitness Professionals to Help Them Grow And Scale Their Online Business


Get organized, implement structure, make more money, and hire a team!


So They Can Go From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur AND

Stop Working IN Their Business, Bust Through $3-6k Months…

Grow BEYOND The $10k Barrier




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Do you have an Online Business and are struggling to:


  • Generate consistent income?
  • Consistently hit $8k-$10k months and grow past $10k months?
  • Work ON your business because you are constantly working IN your business?
  • Want to hire help but can’t get out of the weeds task-wise and financially because you are constantly working IN your business and therefore struggle to get organized to determine a budget to hire help and figure out what tasks to delegate?
  • Go from being a Solopreneur to a CEO?
  • Generate leads?
  • Convert leads to sales?
  • Get organized with what programs to offer and when?
  • Crush product launches, but instead, regularly have failed launches?
  • Have an annual launch plan structure that solidifies consistent income?
  • Get organized with finances and know your weekly/monthly/3-month projection of revenue and expenses?
  • Think that 4 days off per year is a vacation, but don’t know how it would be possible to take a longer, REAL vacation, without losing all of your clients, business, and money, so you settle for a long weekend and convince yourself that it’s enough.
  • Want speaking engagements and to speak at/teach live events whether in person or online but don’t know where to start?
  • Need structure and organization for your business but lack the knowledge, guidance, and know-how to make this happen?

Do these next statements sound all too familiar?

You’ve been on your own with your online business for a while now (~6 - 18 months)… 

You’ve managed to “get by” to make the bare minimum to pay bills, BUT... 

You’re not sure if you’re charging enough, and have no idea what to charge, if you should raise your prices, and to what?? 

Even though you are “getting by”, you’re struggling to get new clients...


All of your existing clients are paying you as they go with single sessions, using venmo, checks, and one even proposed to give you venison in exchange for training...


  INSTEAD of a REAL payment system like a REAL business…


  • Like the Cheesecake Factory, you have a million different service offerings, an a la carte menu, based upon what each individual client wants, NOT based upon what is best for your business, BECAUSE you have NO IDEA what service offerings and prices are best for your business...
  • It’s impossible to keep track of who does what and how many clients you have!
  • You almost feel like you're doing favors for your clients as they hand you a stack of dollar bills or venmo you after each time they train with you, rather than running a REAL, legit business.
  • Even though you’ve SURVIVED this far keeping up with your bills and keeping your business a float in an AD-HOC fashion, you’ve hit the financial ceiling of income, your business is not growing, and you feel like you can’t get off the hamster wheel.

You know that there must be a better way to do this because you hear of these coaches who have six-figure and multiple six-figure businesses.







You know that you…

  • Need to write compelling, conscious marketing copy and have clean, sales funnel driven sales pages…
  • Should be emailing your email list more than a random monthly email when you have time…
  • Should learn more about how to sell your story and your uniqueness…
  • Learn more about what your audience wants…
  • Should be doing more to generate leads, leverage email, other long form platforms, and sales pages for sales and marketing to make the monies…

But who has the time or the money for any of that??!!

You can’t get out of your own way to make the time (or budget the money) to outsource that OR to do it yourself.

You want to take more than 4 days of vacation per year, like 2 weeks would be AHHHMAZING, but you’re scared that you will lose all of your clients and business, and have no money. 

I get it

I SEE you

I know EXACTLY where you’re at…

 After I grew my business to $100k in 10 months, I was FRIED.

Black, burnt toast...

The crispiest bacon...


For 10 months straight, I had been burning the candle at both ends…. 

AND I was STILL trying to keep up because I didn’t have any support… NO BACK UP.

I felt like a cog factory cranking out client programs and looked like Linus from Peanuts with all the admin and operations tasks for my business floating around my head like a dusty cloud of confusion.

I wanted to be able to work ON my business, but I couldn’t figure out how to take a break from working IN my business without falling short on servicing my clients, keeping money coming in, and possibly even losing clients.

I needed the merry go round to STOP, so that I could get off, take a break, get rest, recover, and gain a fresh perspective of how to organize my business so that it could continue to grow.

I needed HELP.

I needed a coach to review my business and give me an objective perspective about how to get organized, revamp my programs and pricing, hire a team, and delegate tasks so that I could step out of my struggling solopreneur shoes and step into my NEXT LEVEL, ENTREPRENEUR-POWER, shoes.

SO, that’s EXACTLY what I did.

I took MASSIVE action to LEVEL UP and invested mucho monies in a high level coach who I KNEW would help me to do the things that I would NOT do on my own.

I was SCARED AF when I paid the $5k deposit that would be a $30k in total investment to work with my coach..


I know that the more money you invest, the more you see your return on your investment, TENFOLD


I knew that she would help me to do the inner work, the personal development, the “hippy shit”, so that I could bust through energy blocks and resistance that were holding me back as a coach, business owner, and entrepreneur…

AND, as a result…

Were holding my business back from growing to the NEXT LEVEL.

After my first coaching call I was so relieved I had made the investment with my coach - I FINALLY HAD BACK UP!

She helped me to get organized and gave me guidance in all the areas that I was lost and lacked clarity. 

Within the first month, I started to see my return on my investment.

Investing in a coach was the BEST DECISION for me and for my business.


If you are a coach who...

Wants to finally fulfill your potential to grow and scale your online coaching business to $10-20k months.

Needs clarity, efficient systems, and a proven path to make growing your business a breeze.

Knows that there’s a better way to do business than the “grind” hamster wheel life.

Craves a bigger impact... 

Wants to learn how to sell without “selling”...

Wants leads and sales to just drop into your lap while you do less, attract more, and have fun along the way… 

Desires a REAL 2-week vacation vs. a 4-day long weekend without fearing your business will burst into flames.

Wants to become a powerful, confident leader and personally grow as your business expands.

Then you need the EmpowerU Business Academy


No matter if it’s social media, business, life, or fitness….

No growth comes from being in your comfort zone.

Don’t you tell your clients all the time to get out of their own comfort zone?

Progressive overload, adaptation, stress…

If you don’t do this, you plateau. You don’t have progress. You don’t gain strength, build muscle, have fat loss.


You can keep doing the same thing over and over again for years, but if you don’t do something new--you’ll have the same results you’ve always had.

If you want new results (like double your revenue, more clients, or half-ing the number of hours you work) you have to open yourself up to being the student again and to trying something new.


The EmpowerU Business Academy program WILL:

  • Bust your limiting beliefs that are keeping you in the 3k-6k/month arena
  • Support you, educate you, and coach you through transforming your online biz from CHAOS and BURNOUT to easy, passive income
  • Teach you the Law of Attraction (it’s hippy shit but it works) so that ideal clients and consistent income falls in your lap
  • Show you the strategies, tools, and systems your biz needs for seamless, easy money-making content and programs
  • Push you and reveal the parts of you that are keeping you stuck (we’re talking hitting PRs of mindset work)
  • Transform you from online coach into CEO so you are in the driver’s seat of your biz and your life!!!

We know that your fitness business is your life.

You do what you love and you love what you do.

Fitness, strength, and your clients have transformed you, the way you live, and your mission.

We get it. 

EmpowerU Business Academy will help you to THRIVE instead of just survive.

That’s why this program is so specific to you. We know how dedicated you are to your clients, your business, and your own physical and mental wellbeing (and to pushing it!!!)

EBA is a life-changing, transformative program that every single fitness and strength coach should be participating in.

Do you back down to an extra rep? No. 

Do you let your clients do the bare minimum? No. 

So why would you expect anything less of yourself when it comes to doing everything you can to push and excel in your business?

EBA will work for you. You just have to show up with the A-Game I know you have, and commit 100% to the process. 

EmpowerU Business Academy (EBA) IS the solution that will help your business to THRIVE.

EmpowerU Business Academy is looking for...

  • Fitspos who are succeeding in their online business but are stuck in the weeds of the systems, strategies, and tools
  • Strength coaches who are looking to expand their biz and scale from 5k to 10k+ months
  • Fitness coaches who are considering the online space but scared to let go of the brick and mortar model (we’re telling you, online is where it’s AT)
  • Professional coaches who are passionate about what they do and ready to make a bigger impact 
  • Anyone in the fitness coaching scene who is struggling to get clients, make consistent income, or make social media work FOR them

Hustlers, hard workers, and disciplined online coaches who are ready to outsource, expand, and grow into the CEO mindset


Show up, do the work, and you will transform your business from the inside out. 

We have been in the online fitness biz for YEARS, and we know the exact tools, systems, and behaviors you need to scale your biz to 100k/year doing exactly what you love to do:

Coaching, inspiring, and educating your fitness community.

There are only 10 spots available and 6 are already taken, so Apply NOW before spots run out.


The EBA 12-week group coaching program includes:

  • TWO group ZOOM calls per week - one call dedicated to teaching the weekly course content and one call dedicated 100% to Q&A
  • Weekly Course Modules via Kajabi
  • Unlimited SLACK support in between calls
  • BONUS! Orientation Call on September 25, 2020


Important Dates and Details:

  • Deadline to Apply:  September 24, 2020
  • Orientation Call:      September 25, 2020
  • Program Starts:       September 28, 2020
  • Program Ends:         December 18, 2020


EmpowerU Business Academy is limited to 10 people.

(6 spots have already been actually 4!)

 Apply NOW and reserve your spot!


Meet our 7-Figure Industry Expert Contributors

Rave Reviews From Clients. 

"Before I started EBA, I had no online business. I learned all about social media marketing, launching, and how to charge my worth from Artemis and Eric!" - Rebecca, Previous EBA Student

"COVID started hitting and I had no idea how to work online and find clients. From joining EBA, I was able to pivot and learn how to run an online business!" - Sean, Previous EBA Student

"Because I joined EBA, my online business has taken off at lightning speed! I learned social media marketing and how to reach my ideal client!" - Mandi, Previous EBA Student

"I can't speak enough about Artemis & Eric, and EBA. Most importantly, I shifted my mindset after this program and learned how to charge my worth. " - Jordan, Previous EBA Student

Plus These AMAZING Wins From Past Students.

EmpowerU Business Academy will help you to THRIVE instead of just survive.


EmpowerU Business Academy is limited to 15 people.

(2 spots have already been actually 13!)

 Apply NOW and reserve your spot!



  • Deadline to Apply:  September 24, 2020
  • Orientation Call:      September 25, 2020
  • Program Starts:       September 28, 2020
  • Program Ends:         December 18, 2020


One last thing we want to mention…

Imagine the feeling of knowing you can run a business that relieves all pressure on you financially and gives you back your time…

Really think about it and what it would mean for your life.

No more chasing individual clients and slaving away hour by hour, like every other trainer.

Instead, you’ll be able to run a well oiled and thriving business with specifically designed systems to generate thousands in income that would normally take about 80 hours of 1:1 client work.

Even better, once you know how to run and set up the business systems, you can repeat them time and again to bring in more cashflow with future campaigns and new and more successful program launches.

It becomes just like flicking a switch…


EmpowerU Business Academy Starts...

Get Ready. 









EmpowerU Business Academy is limited to 10 people.

(6 spots have already been actually 4!)

Apply NOW and reserve your spot!